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We are comprehensive mortgage specialists and arrange Retirement Mortgages, Lifetime Mortgages, Buy to Let Mortgages, Right to Buy Mortgages and Interest Only Mortgages.

We have a unique approach when assisting prospective clients. We will provide you with brochures, personalised illustrations and comprehensive advice, all without any obligation.


One of our specialist advisers will assess your individual needs and offer you the advice you want either verbally or in writing. 


An interest only lifetime mortgage allows you to release some of the equity from your home, whilst paying the interest on a monthly basis so that the amount borrowed will not increase.


You could alternatively have a scheme where you have no payments to make with all interest added to the loan (which would then mean the amount owed would increase year on year) or even a scheme where you have no compulsory payments to make but can make optional penalty free payments of up to 10% per annum.


These unique products give you total control of your finances regardless of whether you choose to pay all, part or none of the interest on your loan.



We originally started out as lifetime mortgage advisers but quickly realised that not everyone needed funds on a lifetime basis.


Numerous people aged over 55 have difficulty in obtaining a mortgage as their current lender may be reluctant to allow them to borrow beyond normal retirement age.


Many of our enquiries come from people who want an interest only mortgage to be repaid by downsizing in the future, but again have found their current lender unhelpful.


We have access to several High Street Building Societies that take a far more flexible and understanding approach with regards to both age and your planned retirement dates.


Berkley Vittoria has been assisting council tenants to purchase their property under The Right to Buy Scheme since 1991.


During that time we have helped thousands of people to become property owners by guiding them through the entire process. We can assist by initially submitting your application to the council through to arranging your mortgage, dealing with solicitors and arranging any associated insurances.

We have schemes available where you would not have to find a deposit, have no initial financial outlay and all costs could be included within the mortgage.

We also have lenders that have no upper age limits.



We at Berkley Vittoria Independent Financial Services Ltd pride ourselves on the fact that we listen to our clients and tailor the advice given to match each persons individual needs because no two clients are the same.


By listening to you carefully, we can make the right recommendation for you.


We recognise that everyone is different.


The advisers at Berkley Vittoria have been helping people for over 30 years and understand the benefit of listening first and then advising based on your needs.

We are independent and do not favour any particular lender and can also help with other matters connected to mortgages or re-mortgages such as recommending solicitors or arranging related insurances.


Our service and charges.

The service that we offer is fast, efficient and unobtrusive and our transparent charge for arranging either an equity release product or any other type of mortgage is £995 and is one of the lowest in the industry and is only payable when your mortgage has completed and you are in receipt of funds.


All initial advice including using all components on our site and speaking with an adviser is free and without obligation.

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